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Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors - Banstead and Kingswood

The commercial conveyancing team at Sinnertons Solicitors provides expert legal advice to existing firms and business start-ups — at cost-effective rates when compared to many of our competitors.

We represent all types of businesses, from small retailers and restaurant operators to companies occupying small business units and other types of workspace.

The factors at play in commercial conveyancing differ hugely from residential sales and purchases, so the advice of a solicitor experienced in this area is essential.

Our Approach

Delays in completing transactions can severely impact your business. To avoid this we make it our business to meet all our commercial clients as early as possible in the process. We will clarify your requirements as precisely as we can, enabling us to negotiate any contract or lease for you as robustly as possible.

Business Lease Lawyer Banstead

Once an agreement is signed, your business is committed to significant outlay over a considerable period — so it pays to get it right. At Sinnertons Solicitors, we make sure the terms are right for you.

The issues you should consider include the following:

  • The date you want to take possession of the property. For retail businesses in particular, the opening date can be critical. If the property is not ready, will you be compensated?
  • The length of the lease.
  • Is there a break clause? Do you want to be able to get out of the lease at a certain point?
  • What provision is there for rent reviews? How these clauses are worded is crucial, and we will ensure that your interests are protected as far as possible.
  • What obligations will you have for repairing the property?
  • How are service charges calculated?
  • Is there any type of business activity you will not be allowed to carry on at the premises?
  • What are your rights to remain in possession under The Landlord and Tenant Act, 1954?
  • In what circumstances can you surrender the lease?

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Are you about to lease, buy or sell a business premises? Contact our experienced team of residential and commercial conveyancing solicitors based in Banstead, Surrey, online or by phone on 01737212000to arrange an appointment.

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