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Land Development, Acquisitions and Sales Solicitor - Banstead and Kingswood

Planning and legal issues that surround land development are increasingly complex. As an established residential and commercial property law firm providing specialist services in North Surrey, Sinnertons Solicitors is ideally placed to advise you.

Banstead Lawyer: Buying and Selling Land

For many years we have advised both developers and individuals that own land with development potential. This means we are always able to view each transaction from both sides, adding value to the service we provide.

Advising Developers

We regularly act for a number of residential development companies and builders. We encourage developers interested in approaching landowners about a possible acquisition to contact us at an early stage.

Our experience and local knowledge mean we can advise you on the following:

  • The suitability of the land for development
  • Local planning laws and the current approach of the local authority to development projects and other land issues
  • The purchase contract, including advice on whether it should be conditional on planning permission being granted
  • Options to Purchase and Conditional Agreements

Helping Owners of Land Sell with Confidence

There are various ways to sell land for commercial or residential developments, each with different financial and tax implications. When owners of land are approached directly by Developers to sell their land, expert legal advice should always be sought.

At Sinnertons Solicitors, our job is to ask all the "what ifs" so that you enter any contract for the sale of your land confident that the deal is the best one for you. We will explore every possibility with you. In particular, we can tell you whether you should sell the land using a binding conditional agreement or a more flexible option agreement, and we can explain the risks and pitfalls associated with each type of agreement.

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To discuss any aspect of the sale or acquisition of development land, contact Sinnertons Solicitors online or by phone on01737 212000.

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